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MBBH does Crab Fest


This month, Mandurah holds the annual event that all of Australia knows about. That’s right, it’s Crab Fest time!

The 16th and 17th of March will see Mandurah host over 100 000 people in a celebration of the native blue manna crab, along with everything that makes the town unique.

There’ll be fresh food, live music, performances, kid’s entertainment and much more.

This year, experience Crab Fest with Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire!

Fresh food aboard

Being one of the most popular eating crabs in Australia, the star of the festival is of course, the blue manna crab. We’re lucky enough to have this beautiful crab reside in our estuaries and inlets, which means we get to experience a truly local and fresh delicacy.

End your day at the festival by hiring one of our boats and taking the family out for a cruise on the very waters these crabs come from.

Hire one of our larger boats, and you can even fry up some crab you snagged at the Fest on one of the onboard barbecues!

Dock and dine

During the Crab Fest, many local gourmet restaurants embrace the theme of the festival and create stunning, once-a-year menu options, with crab at the centre.

Why not arrive to your lunch destination in style by captaining one of our boats? You can dock at one of the many waterside restaurants and enjoy a crab feast! There’s the crab arancini balls at Sharky’s, or one of Mandurah’s most popular gourmet seafood restaurants, Red Manna.

Check out a full list of dining experiences here. There will be some water closures in place during the festival, which you can read about here.

Parking? Please!

The City of Mandurah has advised that there will be a number of carpark closures during the festival (have a look at this pamphlet for more info).

Save yourself the stress of parking and hire one of our bikes for a few days. We’ve got awesome bikes for kids, adults and chariots for little ones that can be attached onto any of the bikes. We’ve even got a tandem, if you’re up for it!

There will be free bike shelters available around the festival, making it easy and safe for you to lock up your bike.

Enjoy your Crab Fest!

However you decide to do Crab Fest this year, MBBH hopes you have an amazing time celebrating what makes Mandurah such an amazing place. We’re so excited to explore the festival on our boats and bikes, and hope you are too!

Any questions?

Check out our website for FAQ’s, booking information and more. Still stuck? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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