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About Us

Our History

We have been giving locals and visiting tourists alike the opportunity to explore Mandurah’s Canals and Estuary even as far as Ravenswood by boat!

Our office and jetty have been in many different locations around the Mandurah Estuary throughout this duration. We even used to be located on Stingray Point underneath the Mandurah fig tree that was planted around 1930! Our office and jetty was directly in front of the famous Peninsula Hotel that was built as a holiday cottage in 1899 for a Kalgoorlie gold miner while it was still standing!

Unfortunately, the Peninsula Hotel was burnt down by arsonists who destroyed the original hotel on Sunday the 10th of August 2003. Currently, we are further into Manjar Bay (formerly called Morton Bay) closer to the Sebel Hotel and in a more sheltered location. We are still located here at 20A Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210 and we have been happily established in this spot for quite some time!

Today the business is owned and run by Carl and Annette Wright and of course their young Labrador puppy, Pippa, who doubles as Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire’s loyal and friendly mascot.

The staff here today are recognised for their boating knowledge and of course a large variety of skills which includes anything from fishing, scuba-diving, and marine science to coxswains, mechanics, and meticulously planned and executed boat and bike maintenance. We are a passionate and dedicated crew who can multitask like a pro, problem solve in any uncertain situation, work well independently, and work together as a team and rather like a family.

Our dedication is also highlighted in our decision to open every day of the year, weather permitting! Christmas, New Year’s, and our birthdays included!

Mandurah Boat and Bike hire is also the first and the only business in Western Australia that has GPS trackers on every individual boat! This allows us to see the boats speed, current locations, and the clear routes that they have followed previously. This really helps staff and customers with estimated time of arrivals for booking schedules, the boat’s exact location in case they require our assistance, and we have clear indication of our boats following required maritime regulations, plus a big sense of security for staff and customers alike!

These trackers have become an essential part of our successful business operations. This GPS system has assisted us with modernising our business and becoming runner up in 2016’s Peel Business Tourism Excellence Award!

Business Activities

The main core of Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire is a fleet of 13 hire boats for self-driven tours of Mandurah’s Estuary.

Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire also offer a variety of bikes to choose from, ranging from adult bikes to children’s bikes. For small children and infants, we offer baby seats and a caboose/trailer to attach to adult bikes. Included in the bike range is a double seater tandem bike for a challenge!

Because the Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire office is in such an ideal location a series of other water activities are offered; this includes single sit-on-top kayaks, double seater sit-on-top kayaks, and stable beginner stand up paddle boards in either fibreglass or inflatable.

All of Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire’s products are aimed for all ages and groups! Tourists, travellers, and locals are all encouraged to visit! Plus, it is all family and pet-friendly!

Business Ethos

Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire’s mission is to create unique, fun memories for all of our hirers to cherish! We strive to make the entire experience exciting and enjoyable! While ensuring all of our customers have a positive memorable experience, we also aim to ensure that everything has a positive effect on the unique marine biodiversity found in Mandurah’s waterways. We also innovate change and adapt to ensure this is the case! Protecting the marine life and the ecosystem is out top priority.

Enjoy a day on the water under our experienced guidance.

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