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What To Do

Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire have detailed some suggested options for your cruise.

Mandurah Canals:

Take a steady, relaxing, self-driven boat cruise through Mandurah’s gorgeous canals! Enter past the magnificent ANZAC memorial and bright King’s Carnival Ferris wheel, enjoy award-winning, luxury canal homes on either side to the canal, and stop to admire the historical Sutton Farm!

On your journey remember to keep an eye out for some of Mandurah’s popular locals, the bottlenose dolphin!

Duration: We recommend at least one to two hours

Dolphin Quay:

Just around the corner from our jetty departure point is the Dolphin Quay! This stunning corner of Mandurah has a great atmosphere with a jetty boardwalk to tie up so everyone can go ashore! Have a look at the modern buildings, shop in the Dolphin Quay Markets for gifts and souvenirs, or stop for a bite to eat at the cafes, coffee shops, bars, or restaurants!

A popular idea among our guests is to order a takeaway lunch from one of the Dolphin Quay restaurants, then you can enjoy your meal as you continue your boat journey!

Duration: We recommend at least two hours

Mandurah Quays:

Located at the mouth of the Peel Inlet, approximately 20 minutes from us.

Mandurah Quays is a great place to moor up to and grab a bite to eat, enjoy a picnic on the lawn, or have a swim.

There is a restaurant here as well and it’s one of the best in the area – bookings are essential. The restaurant is closed Mondays and Tuesdays; however, you’re still able to get coffee and cake.

Duration: We recommend at least two hours

Boundary Island:

Located at the main entrance of the Peel Inlet is the untouched Boundary Island, our friendly staff can direct you to the island and show you where you can anchor up or stop at a little jetty so you can go ashore!

This island is a great place to try your hand at crabbing and fishing! We hire fishing rods with a tackle box for $10.00 or $7 per crab pot which includes bait and a $10 bond on each crab pot hired (bait for each pot included)

Another popular activity is bird watching; on your way to the island, keep an eye out for the tall man-made osprey tower located next to the new Mandurah Bridge!

Duration: We recommend at least one and a half to two hours (longer for fishing and crabbing!)

Coopers Mill:

Coopers Mill is a fantastic place to stop at the entrance of the Murray River! There is a jetty to pull up to next to a sheltered swimming area and a grassed picnic area! Some great facilities to make the most of include: Picnic tables, a children’s playground, toilet facilities, a drinking fountain, information boards, and a BBQ!

If you follow the walking path it will lead you to the historic Coopers Mill that has been turned into an interactive and informative exhibit in the old mill itself displaying the mills past! You can walk through reading the plaques and information boards and look at some of the materials used for the mill. Definitely bring a camera for this spot!

Duration: We recommend at least three hours


Pelican’s Café:

Pelicans Café is another great boat-friendly café with a jetty so you can pull up alongside for a bite to eat! Dogs are welcome.

This hidden gem has heaps of sweets and treats, including cookies, cakes, and ice creams or even main meals that you can enjoy under a shady canopy of trees in the rustic outdoor sitting area.

Pelican Café is licenced as a bottle shop, you can purchase alcohol from them (however they can’t supply glasses so you need to bring your glasses) or you are more than welcome to BYOB (bring your own drinks). While you’re enjoying a snack or meal at this great location remember to keep a lookout for dolphins venturing up the river!

Duration: We recommend at least three to four hours


Red Lion on the River Tavern:

  The tavern is currently closed at the moment, but it still has a great modern floating jetty followed by a boardwalk to pull up to so you can go ashore to stretch your legs! Dogs are welcome.

Once on shore, you can enjoy the grassed area for a picture-perfect picnic surrounded by gorgeous red and white roses. Warm sunny days are perfect to enjoy a swim in the sheltered cove alongside the river with a white sandy beach!


This area also has rubbish bins for your convenience and shade sails for protection from the hot Australian heat!

Duration: for Red Lion we recommend at least four hours
**Please note – there are no BBQ facilities but you can always just have a picnic


Sandy Cove:

  Tie up to a conveniently located, but fairly small floating jetty in Sandy Cove to go ashore. There is a small beach and a grassed area with swing sets and a few trees for shade, plus a BBQ! Dogs are welcome.

Nearby is the Sandy Cove Tavern where you can have a drink or a good hearty meal. There is also easy to access TAB, chemist, bottle shop, Chinese cuisine restaurant, and an ATM.


Duration: for Sandy Cove we recommend at least four hours


Ravenswood Tavern:

  The well-known Ravenswood Tavern has great value for money meals! A jetty is located on the bank of the Murray River right next to the Ravenswood Hotel’s Restaurant for close access.

Once indoors you can order one of their great meals and enjoy their cosy interior or you can enjoy your food outside and admire the panoramic views of the river as a stunning backdrop! Or if you wish they will supply meals in takeaway form. This venue also has an ATM machine and toilet/bathroom facilities.

The Ravenswood Tavern, unfortunately, is not permitted to allow dogs, (Shire of Murrays rules) so pooches will have to remain on the boat nearby.

Duration: For Ravenswood Tavern we recommend at least five to six hours

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